Golden 10

My artistic practice aims to build a subtle conversation between performance and sculpture, by blurring the boundary between the static reputation of sculpture and the narrative character of video. My work revolves around a succession of playful studies, which build upon the associations between the unpredictable nature of the objects I use and the method in which I choose to animate them. I look at primordial artifacts, games and toys, altering their mechanization and form to change their functionality and question their practicality or shift their purpose. In doing so I have grown increasingly concerned with themes of impermanence and uncertainty in everyday life, which I address through performance. Videos Over the past few years, I have come to explore the live arts by approaching narrative through a single fixed frame scene. These videos often portray a mechanic performance repeated over time, creating a cyclical quality. This rhythm is intended to put the viewer into a trance like state, so that they may enjoy the video for any period of time often wondering where it ends to loop back to the beginning. The performances are often unpredictable, progressing with a degree of experimentation, and conceived through the process of play.